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Explorer Outdoor Equipment & Services Sa

If you are a hiker or outdoor enthusiast, you may be interested in the equipment provided by the Explorer Outdoor Equipment & Services sa. This Badajoz-based company has been active for over 35 years and has published 36 acts in the BORME (Badajoz Chamber of Commerce and Industry). These publications are aimed at giving information to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts about the types of outdoor equipment available in the country.

An Explorer first aid kit contains a variety of emergency supplies for prolonged hikes, extended camping, and other outdoor adventures. Depending on the length of your trek, you can find an appropriate first aid kit for a range of situations, from cuts to dehydration. It’s a good idea to have several of these on hand so that you can ensure the safety of the group. In case of an accident, the Explorer first aid kit will ensure your safety and the safety of your group members.

If you’re looking for quality outdoor equipment and accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Explorer Outdoor Equipment & Services Sa is a certified merchant with the Badajoz municipality. It’s located at Plaza Alfereces, with a 06005 zip code. The company is registered with the Badajoz merchant registry and is classified as a Comercio Al Por Mayor Y Al Por Menor, Textiles Especialized, and a CNAE of 4771 – Comercio al por menor.